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Our app enables you to find compatible partners that don't live too far away from you. With the BDSMTest Compatibility score, you can see at a glance how compatible your energies in the bedroom are, and you can see each other's detailed results too. Of course we hope that you find people you match with on other aspects too, but that's for you to find out.


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We have apps on iOS and Android so you can easily create a profile from your phone, and have us on hand when you get a message. You can disable receiving notifications if you're concerned about your privacy.


Our app will always be free to download and sign up

You can enjoy the full BeeDee experience without spending one cent! For those of us that are less patient and/or want to support the app, we have the premium memberships, allowing you to discover the profiles around you faster.


Inappropriate profiles are removed from BeeDee

See a profile that shouldn't be allowed on BeeDee? Report the profile, and we'll review your report within hours and remove inappropriate profiles within hours. Does someone make you feel uncomfortable in chat? Report them and we'll remove their profile from the platform. We make big efforts to keep BeeDee safe and enjoyable for everyone.



We are one of the few dating apps that don't require you to use your real first name if you're not comfortable with it. We don't even require you to upload pictures of your face or yourself at all. Just don't impersonate someone you're not. We will also not bombard you with e-mails or text messages. We use push notifications only, and even those are optional.

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